Live Voice Broadcast Wired Microphone

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Color: Black


Electrical outlet: USB

Electrical outlet

Introducing our Live Voice Broadcast Wired Microphone, a professional audio USB microphone designed for recording, live broadcasting, and voice chat. This microphone delivers high-definition sound quality, making it ideal for use in recording studios, live performances, and online communication.

With its plug-and-play functionality, this microphone allows for quick and easy setup. Simply connect it to your notebook or computer, and you're ready to start recording or broadcasting. The microphone is equipped with touch mute control, allowing you to easily mute or unmute the microphone with a simple touch.

Featuring a new type of blowout prevention net, this microphone ensures that the sound captured is pure and free from unwanted distortions. This results in clean and bright sound reproduction, making your recordings or broadcasts sound professional and clear.


Microphone unit: Ф14 * 6.5MM
Sampling rate: 192Khz
Microphone pointing: single point
Sensitivity: -30±2 db
Impedance: 2.2 kΩ
Frequency response: 20hz- 20000hz
Working voltage: 5V DC
Charging interface: TYPE-C
Interface controller and CPU: SSS1700
Power switch: touch switch
Cable length: 1.7 meters
Dimensions: 78mm* 104mm* 169mm

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